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tv   News 3 Live at Noon  NBC  August 29, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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their education on their learning. they're back to business. >> michelle: i saw my neighbors taking pictures of their three little ones lined up getting ready to go to school today. of course safety on the roadways is a big concern this week. it always is the first week of school. that's why you are going to see more police officers on the roadways. for more on that let's bring in craig fiegener. craig is live from rancho high school. you and i were talking before the show and you said this morning you were expecting drivers to be ll >> craig: because we cover these stories so often and often you will see people who just aren't paying attention. they're driving too fast. we didn't see that this morning. drivers were cautious. they were careful. a couple of words to describe the drivers around rancho high school this on first day back to school and we're covering this with the angle on safety. the clark county school district police walk patrol along with local police departments, the
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henderson. the goal is to prevent dangerous driving in and new school zones. to that end saturation patrols have been deployed at each school during the day for the first week back to school. times of greatest concern are when students are arriving in the morning and leaving in the afternoon. >> you are not going to get a break folks. if you are going over the speed limit in a school zone you are going to get a ticket and it's going to be a hefty fine. >> reporter: back here live. that is rancho high school. the lunch bell ring. so it is the first lunch hour of this new school year for students. if you are a parent or something who is going to be picking up students from a school. here is what the law is. the speed limit for school zones is 15 miles per hour. the reduced speed limit is in effect half-hour before school starts and half-hour after school lets out or at any time
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this street. of course the signs something say something different do what the signs say. but that is the general rule. 15 miles per hour. craig fiegener reporting live, news 3. >> krystal: all right. we're back in business aren't we? >> michelle: here we go. >> krystal: off to a good start. and these kiddos are off to a great start. look at these poiktz the first day of school. we asked and you responded. sending us your back to school photos on the first day. while we're on the topic of going back to school and these photos we want you to send more to us. we just may show more photos throughout the week. >> michelle: like i said i saw my neighbor do's that. we want to see the kiddos. maybe you've got a chalkboard to let us know what grade they're getting ready for. we're excited on this first day of school. congratulations to everybody. and all the teachers for getting
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a name of our new nhl team here in las vegas. and it appears to be down to the final three. that according to a report by the website sports the company led by bill foley that owns the team has trademarked three nicknames. the las vegas knights, the las vegas golden knights and the las vegas silver knights. hear a theme there? all three were trademarked last week. the team is expected to announce its final choice in september. just in time to merchandise. so that we can be sporting the gear while we're in the stands. that's going to happen at a hockey game pre-season at the t-mobile arena in october. >> michelle: i have to say i'm down with the knights. that was my high school mascot. >> krystal: really? okay. >> michelle: i like silver knights because it's the silver state. we're approaching labor day. you can expect a lot of people to be traveling. of course a lot of them headed here for the holiday. the departments of
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they expect that this coming weekend just from friday to monday an estimated 315,000 people will be visiting the valley. they say 60 percent of those people will be driving. and n-dot says most of the traffic will be felt along the i-15 and the resort corridor of course. >> krystal: there's a federal court hearing today to determine whether the green party candidate for president will appear on our ballots. the secretary of states office said in august the party did not gather enough signatures from registered voters candidate jill stein to make it on to the ballot. stein is on the ballot in 37 states across the country including washington, d.c. >> michelle: happening today. one of our local olympic champions, i love being able to say one of our local olympic champions -- getting a big honor. swimmer cody miller will be recognizesed and given a key to the city at desert breeze aquatic academy.
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miller won a bronze medal on the back stroke. he also won gold in the 400 meter medley relay team. i know chloe got to interview him in rio. chloe is filling in today. i know you had a nice talk with him and he is excited for this. >> krystal: it was a good interview. >> michelle: look at his face. >> chloe: hd was so funny to interview. he is like i got to take this seriously. i'm like do whatever you want. then het >> michelle: isn't he having a harry potter themed wedding? >> chloe: yes. i was like what's going on after this. a harry potter themed wedding. you got to send us the pictures. >> krystal: on a sad note juan gabriel mexico's leading singer/songwriter passed away yesterday at his california home. he was a superstar in the world of latin america. gabriel wrote and performed ball
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about catchy mariachi tunes. he performed here in las vegas as well. as a matter of fact, was supposed to perform here in september. these are videos of his performances in april and september of 2014. by the way, he was 66 years old. >> michelle: so young. news 3 is your weather authority. let's bring in meteorologist chloe beardsley. joining us. we love having you. >> chloe: i love hanging out with you guys. g >> krystal: she is our ray of sub scheibe as we like to call her. >> i like -- sunshine. i like hangening out with you. whether you are on the couch or making coffee send me some. it is going to be a great day. if you are going to have coffee it's going to be ice coffee this afternoon. if you thought yesterday was hot, get ready for tomorrow. lots of sunshine. temperatures this afternoon. oh no. hello triple digits.
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103 is where we're expecting to max out this afternoon. it's going to get a little bit hotter later on this week. i'll show you the numbers in just a little bit. just a quick snapshot of your day. wall-to-wall sunshine. we'll have the full forecast coming up in just a few minutes. >> michelle: hillary clinton aide married to former new york congressman anthony weiner is ending their marriage. she ise. sexting scandal surfaced today. the "new york post" published photos late sunday saying that the former congressman sent these pictures last year. his twitter account was deleted this morning. the former congressman resigned in 2011 following revelationshe was sending sexually explicit messages, pictures of his body parts being sent via twitter, and, unfortunately, apparently
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she's had enough. this brings to us our question of the day. would you prefer to vote for your current member of congress or an outsider? we would like to know what you think about that. just head over to and click on question of the day and let us know. >> krystal: now this one had a lot of you talking. that controversy of massive price hikes for that company that was selling epi pens. they've announced now they're selling a generic version for much less. mylan will launch the first generic pen in a few weeks. it will cost about $300. that's half of what the brand name was costing people. it would be identical to the brand name version. the auto injector is used when the person has a severe allergic reaction and is considered a life saving tool. it really buys you time until the emergency personnel can get here. >> michelle: $300 is still a tremendous amount of money for
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is inside that epi pen. that's how much the medicine inside costs. one buck. >> krystal: and i think it aggravated people when they looked at the salaries of some of the top people in the country, i'm sorry in that company, and how much they were making and the little increase, not little, the big increase in salary they got. >> michelle: it's infuriating. a big day for people who own drones. >> krystal: a lot of new rules go into affect today. these are rules you need to pay attention to. what you need to know you are an owner or someone who doesn't like to see them in the sky. >> michelle: plus a plane headed to the united states full of people delayed for ten hours. it was supposed to take off. never did. because of what they discovered with the people who were supposed to fly that plane. we'll have details coming up. >> krystal: and then kicks for kids. an afternoon of great fun. sounds like a storybook
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>> krystal: there's music, drinks, great food, great fun. you are also helping out local charities. we'll tell you how you can take part in the best barbecue competition in town. that at 12:30, "news 3 live at noon" is going to be
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>> krystal: this is a four-alarm fire take over a church in west philadelphia. you can see the flames and smoke. it was shooting through the roof, doors, windows of the good shepherd presbyterian church. firefighters reported a partial collapse of this house of look at that. they had quite a fire to deal with. they tried fighting the flames inside the building but pulled out because the fire was spraeting so quickly. two people inside that made it out okay still don't know what caused that fire but they do believe it started in the basement. >> michelle: you could soon see more drones flying overhead. the faa rules for the commercial use of drones go into affect today and they're new. under these rules, drones may
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the drones must also be less than 55 pounds. they have to remain in visual sight of the operator. faa regulations say operators will no longer need to get a pilot's license to fly one. instead, drone pilots will have to pass an aero nautical exam. >> krystal: flights at los angeles international airport back to normal today following reports of an active shooter yesterday. look at that. it just snarled traffic heading in to the airport. out into the tarmac in some cases. nearly two dozen flights had to be diverted. los angeles police say the panic, they believe, was the result of, quote, loud noises and that there wasn't an actual shooting or shots fired. police evacuated the terminal for about half-hour while the ground stop lasted until 1:00 a.m. in the morning. >> just gotten out of the vehicle on the tarmac. we're about to walk up the
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people began flooding out. passengers, security people. i heard shots fired or active shooter. run. people didn't know what to do. the airline employees threw us in a car and droe us to a remote part of the airport. >> krystal: everybody feeling the affects of that. that was nbc night lu news anchor lester holt. police say they are investigating the source of this, quote, loud noise. they didn't take anybody into custody but they actually -- excuse me. custody. this was someone who was dressed in a zolo custom. he had a sword. where he was heading? las vegas. so even though it was a stressful and scary situation there was a little leavitty to it with zorro. >> michelle: two united airline pilots in custody in scotland after they were accused of trying to fly back to the united
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they were stopped. they were taken into scottish custody over the weekend. and they peered in the courtroom there this morning. as a result the flight delayed by ten hours while united worked to find a crew to fly those people back. faa rules ban pilots from drinking alcohol within eight hours of flying. but most airlines have a 12-hour rule. >> this is one of the areas where the pilots and all flight crew members have a virtual zero reason. >> michelle: that's scary for anybody who is getting on a plane. in a statement united airline said the two pilots have been removed from service and their flying duties. >> krystal: okay. we're going transition off that and talk a little weather with chloe beardsley. you know what? this weekend, if i'm not mistaken, we were down to 90 degrees. >> chloe: it was in the low 90s saturday. >> michelle: it felt so -- here
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phil's, our co-worker's memorial service. my husband and i couldn't believe it didn't even barely reach 90. >> krystal: was it humid. >> chloe: the humidity plays a role and we were expecting a chance for thunderstorms on saturday. mostly played out in the mountains. so it was juicy and it's going to be dry heat over the next few days. i'm sorry nevada. that's how it [ laughter ] hotter over the next few days but dry weather is going to continue. maybe a little more bearable. hopefully won't be sweating as much as we were this weekend. we woke up to lots of sunshine today. a few clouds developing. look literally over the mountains. just a few. just over the past few hours. we're looking at nice conditions. 98 degrees. a good band this weekend. southeast career and tech. winds are almost not even noticeable. 96 degrees at lake mead.
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looking towards a hotter day today. you can see already some neighborhoods playing in the triple digits. 100 sunrise and downtown and el dorado. winds will remain light throughout the afternoon. good news there. looking ahead to the next few hours we're going reach the triple digits today. it's going get hotter next new days. we're we're thankful. miami you can see a bit of a mess as a few depressions start to impact the area. stormy weather in the south you can see us, we've got not much happening. certainly thankful for the clear weather for now. changing in the forecast. i'll show what you we're anticipating. for the short-term it is nothing. we're going to see the dry air condition. hot temperatures over the next few days including today. a little warmer compared to yesterday. we've got 105 on tap for lake mead. 104 pahrump. upper 70s mount charleston. looking to las vegas. slightly above normal
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sunshine. winds will remain light throughout the rest of the day. as we take a look at the next seven days including your weekend ahead, a slight dip in temperatures but that's after we hit 105 on tuesday. but a slight tip in temperatures looking optimistic as storms development later in the week. we're not expecting any showers. that's mostly going to be limited to mojave and lincoln counties but we'll feel the winds pick up into the but that's what we've got for now. >> krystal: we'll take what we can get. any time we're in double digits. she is fanning. she's hot. [ laughter ] >> michelle: we made a big pot of hot soup last night because i was craving it. but i'm ready for fall. >> krystal: you had baby cruise dressed in halloween pajamas. if you are one of the
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were due in april this october deadline is fast approaching. >> michelle: with every tax deadline comes more evidence of a multi-billion dollar treat -- threat, not a treat -- a threat of identity theft. marie mortera has more. >> marie: your wallet's stolen. your computer's hacked. what do you do? call your bank. your credit card company. don't forget your taxes. to a thief, a potential gold mine. >> they are taking those funds that would normally be sent to the to their bank account. >> it is as simple as a thief filing a return and claiming a refund under your social security number before you do. cnbc's american greed learned in 2014 the scam cost the agency $6 billion and cost millions of taxpayers untold haikdz. getting the -- headaches. getting the situation resolved can take months and more. the problem? exposed in the latest american
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stealing from the living and the dead. >> it was over 1900 tax returns that we had identified that were associated him. it's very possible he had done much more than that. >> marie: so what can you do? get your taxes done early. >> first tip is file first. beat the crooks. >> marie: if you think your identity might have been stolen no matter what time of year contact the irs right away. above all, treat your identity, especially your social security, like your most able with this rip-off alert, i'm marie mortera. a police officer risks his own life to save a man from an on coming train. it was caught on tape. it was close. we have the video behind this incredible rescue after the break. and we want to show you more photos from our local kids on their first day of school. you've been sending them to us and we love them. here they are. looking good.
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t-shirts? it's hot. not quite ready for the fall school fashion yet. but we want -- isn't that cute? his turtle backpack looks like a shell. so we love these pictures. keep sending them our way. go to and download the app. we'll continue to share them on
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ads for joe heck are attacking my time as attorney general. the thing they left out is the truth. the truth is crime actually went down during my time in office. that's why i've been endorsed by law enforcement across nevada. protecting seniors from scams, and holding banks accountable for defrauding homeowners. i'm catherine cortez masto. i approve this message because i've spent my career solving problems.
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>> michelle: just take a look at how close of a call this was. a new jersey transit police officer called a hero now for saving this man who did not he did not. >> krystal: oh my goodness. >> michelle: that officer refused to give up. pulled that man off the track literally just in the nick of time as the train was approaching the terminal. this is offer victor ortiz. he tried to pull the man from the track. as i mentioned he resisted. listen to this. ortiz wasn't even supposed to there at work that day. he just happened to be there on
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watch one more time. literally gets him off. >> krystal: what if this man kept resisting and pulled him on to the track. this will put a smile on your face. this little boy doing everything he can to raise money for a police dog in wisconsin. so this is little ethan. he started to a go fund me page after a four-year-old canine named cops died after battling serious medical issues. this is for a so far ethan has raised nearly $1,500 in just four days. his ultimate goal? $12,000. green bay police say he is an inspiration. by the way, this is perfect. guess what he wants to be when he grows up? i think he is going be good at it. a k-9 handler. perfect. stay stay. up next on news 3 a plumber with an unusual marketing ploy.
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hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. bob kidder, owner, new england shirt company: this factory has been here since eighteen eighty-three. we have over sixty people here making shirts labled made in america. but donald trump's brand of shirts come from china, his suits from mexico, his coats from india. trump's products have been made in twelve other countries because he says there's no place in america that he can make them. well there is. you know donald trump says he'll make america great again while he's taking the shirts right off our backs. >> michelle: right now on "news 3 live at 12:30." on the stand. the trial for the man accused of killing a local teenager over his ipad continues today. who may end up testifying that
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for the defense. >> krystal: and fallon fooled. taking his talent to the vma music award. who is he trying to be? one by the name of ryan lochte. >> michelle: was it the air that gave it away. >> krystal: or the medal. we have it coming up. it's pretty funny. >> michelle: pigs for kids. enjoy barbecue, great live entertainment and help raise charities in our community. we have more on that coming up >> announcer: news 3 starts right now. . >> michelle: we have breaking news just in. we just learned about this within the last ten minutes. actor gene wild best known as willie wonka has passed away. his family confirmed the news. he was 83. this is one of my favorite


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